About Us

Based out of Golden, Colorado. 

Our Philosophy

Overjoyed customers are the greatest business strategy of all.

We Look Further, So You Don’t Have To

Welcome to Grate Stuf, the buzzing online space for creative gifts, distinctive tech, and trending products from across the globe. 

When we started out, we wanted to make online shopping immensely easy and fun. These principles have helped us expand into the nation’s one-stop-shop for hidden gems and secret creations that you’re unlikely to find in any brick and mortar store! 

We actively seek out the world’s premier suppliers of exciting goods so you can find everything you need, in one warm, convenient place.  

At Grate Stuf, it’s all about taste, individuality, and meaningful products that create long-lasting impressions. 

It’s hard to pin us down with a label. But it’s safe to say we’re in the business of creating happiness through timeless items that put beaming smiles on faces. 

So whether you have eclectic taste, minimal preferences, or are rigid in your shopping choices,
we have innovative products you’re guaranteed to cherish.

Core Values

Our core values are what keeps us driven, and gives us purpose, trickling down into everything we do. 


We’re an intimate and driven team hailing from Colorado in the U.S, and we’re proud to work
only with American suppliers. This way we can continue to contribute to local economies and ensure you never have to wait long for your goods. 

Products With Purpose

We don’t sell for the sake of it. Value is at the root of everything we do, and each handpicked product serves a purpose that we hope will benefit your life in one way or another.

You Deserve It

In a world of constant chaos and noise, it’s the little rewards that can keep you grounded. We curated a range of gifts guaranteed to bust stress and bring some TLC back into your life. 

We Never Settle 

At Grate Stuf, we never settle for anything less than top-tier service, products and pricing to match. Our close-knit team of customer service agents is here to assist you at every turn, and we promise to continue growing as an industry-leading variety store. 

Manifesting Trust

Captivating products are at the core of what we stock, but trust is at the heart of how we operate. We back all your purchases with guarantees and honor the trust you place in us as a brand. 

Whether you’re looking for a creative gift idea, household addition, exciting gadget, or simply a
way to treat yourself, look no further than Grate Stuf. 

Committed to Greener and Cleaner

Our goal is to always be mindful of waste and planet-friendly. But also to front-run the positive change in the way we treat our garden - Earth. We work with manufacturers that produce responsibly so that no further damage is done to the planet. 

If It’s Fair, We Care

We create a setting that is fair, all-inclusive, and harbors growth for our employees, workers, and our customers that enjoy our products.

Grate Stuf is for the responsible parent, the active athlete, the budding teen, and everything in between.